BBLRO Collection Access

Research projets involving the use of biological resources can be conducted :

In partnership with institutional and non-institutional organizations: biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical industry, public organizations, etc.

Out of partnership with authorized entities wishing to benefit for their own research, highly qualified biological resources.

Sample Request

The request for biological resources, according to the characteristics of the application will be communicated

to collection managers then after feasibility study,

subject to scientific advice of the partner institutions..

User Obligations

the ethical rules of publication and intellectual property
for all publication, poster or patent, the concerned CRB and the origin of the collections. It is advisable to also mention the registration number of the collection at the Ministry of Research
the CRB, all the obtained results, patents, therapeutic effects in order to enhance the collections
to the CRB in the end of scientific protocol, the unused biological material, or destroy, destruction with written statement, if it does't respond to the quality standards. In case of return, the material is placed at the disposal of the medical and scientific community, according to the usual rules
Transfert Prices
  • The pricing includes the cost associated with the biological resource and the overcost.
  • The additional cost, which varies from one case to another, must be clearly justified.
  • It corresponds to the additional work done on the samples at the request of the transferee : data enrichment, additional technical transformations.


It must include a financial clause, a clause on the use of biological resources, a scientific valuation clause, a clause on explotation and use of the results for potentials economic benefits.

  • It is signed by the duly authorized representatives of both parties. for healthcare institutions, this contract is signed under the authority of the director of the institution.
  • The signature authorizes the commitment of the transfer process of biological resources. Biological resources must be used in accordance with the original protocol.
  • Submit your request using the resource request form below :


    Return this form by email Edouard BOSVERT after completing it ( after completing it.

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